EducateUS Strategy

We’re building a movement of informed, tenacious sex ed voters, and we need your help.

Our strategy is built on three central pillars:

Narrative Shift

We are raising funds to launch a major research project in order to develop the boldest, most effective narratives to use in making our case to voters. We will partner with key local- and state-level stakeholders to explore and refine public narratives — strongly informed by the race-class narrative framework — that will efficiently neutralize and leverage opposition messaging, while being bold, positive and grounded enough to motivate millions of voters with our vision of comprehensive sex education as a direct path to a flourishing future for all. Included in this narrative project will be a deep investigation into the term “sex education” itself, and whether a broader, more expansive and evocative term might more accurately communicate everything included in a truly comprehensive K-12 “sex ed” curriculum.

Organize, organize, organize

We work to support and strengthen the efforts of organizers, activists, legislators and candidates working to advance sex education policy and implementation in their own communities and states. Always in service to local movement leaders, we provide a range of data-driven technical, strategic and resource offerings, expanding their impact with tried-and-true tactics like lobbying legislators, direct mailings to voters, and targeted digital advertising, as well as creative newer approaches to organizing.

Impact Litigation

We are convening a coalition of cutting-edge legal thinkers to develop a strategy for pursuing a highly selective portfolio of lawsuits. These cases will be carefully designed to garner headlines, provoke public discourse, and create growing pressure for all school boards and states to improve their public sex ed policy and implementation.

The full generational shift we are pursuing will take time — we currently estimate it to be a 20-30 year project. In addition to tracking the passage of progressive sex ed policy and the effectiveness of its implementation, we are tracking the following signposts of success along the way:  

  • Increased voter understanding of comprehensive sex education as a powerful force for social change and justice
  • Rising voter support for comprehensive sex education, and the candidates and legislators who champion it
  • More resources (funds, person-power, etc) actively invested in the movement
  • More regular and competent media coverage of public sex education policy and implementation 
  • Growing the number of voters for whom progressive sex education is a litmus test issue
  • Establishing case law that recognizes sex education as a civil right