For Parents

Parents: are you worried about extremists attacking sex education? You're not alone. And you have options.

Parents: are you worried about extremists attacking sex education?

You’re not alone. And you have options.

Far right extremists want you to do nothing so they can impose their agenda on all of our children. But you don’t have to be a political activist to stick up for sex ed. You don’t even have to have a lot of time. And you can make a huge difference.

Just pick one place to start:

If you want to do the most good in the least time...

Take the sex ed voter pledge! School board elections are often decided by just a handful of votes, so your vote really matters! We’ll give you everything you need to know to vote for sex education in your community.

If you have something to say and you want help saying it...

Check out our guide to speaking up for sex education, with easy-to-understand instructions and messages that we’ve tested to ensure they’re going to work for you. Want hands-on training? Take one of our FREE Passion2Power Workshops!

If you want to make a difference where you live...

Get involved with your local school board. Visit your town/city website (or call the main office) to find out when the board meets, what’s on the agenda, how to speak at meetings, and more. Not enough people regularly attend meetings, so you can make a huge impact. Need an easy way to counter disinformation about sex education? Share our quick guide to the National Sex Ed Standards with everyone.

If you want to connect with other folks to do something together...

Here are some great ways to connect depending on where you live:

Do just one thing for sex education today, and you can make sure all of our kids have the sex ed they deserve for years to come!

Special thanks to Sex Positive Families for assistance in developing this resource!