Organize Your Friends + Win Prizes!

It'll only take you 10 minutes and it can change the world...

This Sex Ed for All Month, to bring Sex Ed for All closer to a reality, we’re asking you to do one simple thing:

Ask three people you personally know to take our Sex Ed Voter Pledge.

That’s it. The most powerful thing you can do this month will take you less than 10 minutes. Because your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues trust you. And when you ask them personally – not just in a general post on social media – they’ll be almost 30X more likely to listen than they will if we ask them. Thirty times! 

To make it even more enticing to take action with us this month, we’re offering some exciting incentive prizes (more on those in a second). And to make it even easier to take action, we’ve already written a sample message that you can just cut and paste and send to people you know who might want to be Sex Ed Voter:

Hey! Will you do something for me right now? EducateUS is an org I love because they’re building a movement for universal sex and relationships education in the U.S. If you take their Sex Ed Voter Pledge, they’ll tell you when sex ed is on the ballot where you live and help you know who to vote for. And if you take it now and tell them I sent you, I get entered to win prizes! You can too if you ask your friends. But first, just go to and make sure to tell them I sent you…

Just copy and paste it into a text, email or DM and you’re already doing it. 

As for those incentive prizes? Here’s how it works: for every person who tells us they took our Sex Ed Voter Pledge because of you, you get another entry in a drawing to win one of five amazing gifts:

Just make sure your people put your name down on the Sex Ed Voter Pledge Form where it asks “Who referred you, if anyone?” — for every person who does that, you’ll get another chance to win!

And more importantly, every person who does that will bring us closer to a day when candidates for office from School Board to President know they have to court the Sex Ed Vote, because we will be too numerous to ignore.